Software Defect Fault Intelligent Location and Identification Method Based on Data Mining

Fang Wang, Sungho Park, Cattareeya Suwanasri


With the advancement of the times, computer technology is also constantly improving, and people's requirements for software functions are also constantly improving, and as software functions become more and more complex, developers are technically limited and teamwork is not tacitly coordinated. And so on, so in the software development process, some errors and problems will inevitably lead to software defects. The purpose of this paper is to study the intelligent location and identification methods of software defects based on data mining. This article first studies the domestic and foreign software defect fault intelligent location technology, analyzes the shortcomings of traditional software defect detection and fault detection, then introduces data mining technology in detail, and finally conducts in-depth research on software defect prediction technology. Through in-depth research on several technologies, it reduces the accidents of software equipment and delays its service life. According to the experiments in this article, the software defect location proposed in this article uses two methods to compare. The first error set is used as a unit to measure the subsequent error set software error location cost. The first error set 1F contains 19 A manually injected error program, and the average positioning cost obtained is 3.75%.

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Software Defect; Data Mining; Fault Location; Data Algorithm

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