Research on New Virtualization Security Protection Management System Based on Cloud Platform

Zhihong Li, Guangxu Liu, Yijie Dang, Zhijie Shang, Nan Lin


As an emerging product under the condition of informatization, the utilization of cloud platform in many industries has brought fundamental changes to the production and business model in related fields. The cloud platform provides rich and diverse utilization services to terminals through multi-dimensional integration of different IT resources. With the in-depth utilization of cloud platform, the security problems it faces are becoming more and more prominent. The traditional network security protection means have been difficult to effectively adapt to and deal with the security threats under the new situation of cloud platform utilization. As a prominent part of building cloud platform, the construction level of virtualization security protection system will have an intuitive impact on the security of cloud platform. At present, the virtualization security protection management system under cloud platform is facing direct threats from virtual machine deployment, virtual machine communication and virtual machine migration. Based on this, this paper studies the virtualization security protection management system of cloud platform from the perspective of virtualization security tech, so as to ameliorate the stability, reliability and security of cloud platform.

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Virtualization Security Protection; Cloud Platform; Informatization

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