Research on saliency detection method based on depth and width neural network

Guanqi He, Guo Lu


Image saliency detection is to segment the most important areas in the image. Solving the problem of image saliency detection usually involves knowledge in computer vision, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and other fields. In recent years, as deep learning has made great achievements in the field of computer vision, the application of deep learning has also played a good role in image saliency detection. Therefore, algorithms based on deep convolutional neural networks have become solutions to image saliency The most effective method of detection. For researchers, improving the computational efficiency of neural network-based saliency detection algorithms generally starts from two perspectives. One is to tailor the network structure and combine traditional feature extraction methods for processing. The other is to use a lighter network to solve the saliency detection problem. Based on these two points of thinking, this paper proposes two efficient and accurate neural network-based saliency detection algorithms. In recent years, with the rapid development of multimedia and Internet technologies, a huge amount of picture information is generated on blogs, social networking or shopping platforms every day. Such a lot of information not only enriches people's lives, but also provides efficient and accurate network management platforms. The management of these image information brings difficulties. Therefore, how to understand and process these image information more intelligently and efficiently has become a hot topic for many image processing and computer vision researchers. Among them, the saliency detection technology plays a key role in solving the problem of intelligent understanding and processing of images. To put it simply, saliency detection is a technology to automatically calculate or detect the most important areas in an image, and its processing results provide a basis for understanding and processing the image content. Saliency detection is a basic problem in computer vision, neuroscience and visual perception. The algorithm detects and extracts the most interesting or significant areas in the image.

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Convolutional Network; Low-Dimensional Feature Extraction; Saliency

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