Analysis of Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Information Nodes in Wireless Network Communication Chaos

Jing Qi, Tru Cao


Due to the poor node optimization effect of traditional mathematical model methods, an efficient node optimization algorithm based on ant colony genetic algorithm is proposed. The ant colony algorithm is a kind of bionic optimization algorithm, and its dynamics and self-similarity are very similar to the optimization principles of messy information nodes. "Chaos node efficient optimization algorithm" is dedicated to effectively aggregating various resources such as computing, storage, knowledge, communication, information, distributed around the world, serving the public, and realizing resource sharing and collaborative work. Among them, chaos nodes efficiently search the excellent problem is particularly prominent. If the number of parent nodes and the order of the nodes are known, the ant colony genetic algorithm is used to find the largest supporting tree, so as to obtain the best node to obtain the largest number of iterations, thereby effectively optimizing the information node.Wireless Network Communication, Chaotic Nodes, Nodes, Efficient Optimization

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