A Brief Overview of the Accuracy of Classification Algorithms for Data Prediction in Machine Learning Applications

Lichung Jen, Yu-Hsiang Lin


Many business applications rely on their history data to anticipate their company future. The marketing products process is one of the essential procedures for the firm. Customer needs supply a useful piece of information that helps to promote the suitable products at the proper moment. Moreover, services are recognized recently as products. The development of education and health services is reliant on historical data. For the more, lowering online social media networks problems and crimes need a big supply of information. Data analysts need to utilize an efficient categorization system to predict the future of such businesses. However, dealing with a vast quantity of data demands tremendous time to process. Data mining encompasses numerous valuable techniques that are used to anticipate statistical data in a number of business applications. The classification technique is one of the most extensively utilized with a range of algorithms. In this work, numerous categorization methods are revised in terms of accuracy in diverse domains of data mining applications. A complete analysis is done following delegated reading of 20 papers in the literature. This study intends to allow data analysts to identify the best suitable classification algorithm for numerous commercial applications including business in general, online social media networks, agriculture, health, and education. Results reveal FFBPN is the best accurate algorithm in the business arena. The Random Forest algorithm is the most accurate in categorizing online social networks (OSN) activity. Naïve Bayes method is the most accurate to classify agriculture datasets. OneR is the most accurate method to classify occurrences inside the health domain. The C4.5 Decision Tree method is the most accurate to classify students’ records to forecast degree completion time.

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Data Prediction Techniques; Accuracy; Classification Algorithms; Data Mining Applications

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